The Medicinal Benefits of Dandelions

Most of us try to stop the dandelions from growing however there’s more to this plant that is generally known.

The dandelion is one amazing herb that is regularly used for medicinal and taste- improvement purposes. Aging back to around thirty million years, it is one of the oldest surviving plants in the world – and yet, a lot of people try to, unsuccessfully, remove all the dandelion from their garden.

The dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) leaves were used as medicines in many popular traditions in Chinese and Native American culture.

From boils to diabetes, this herb has been associated with amazing healing properties. Dandelion flowers can be used to make wine and the leaves are often added in salads to add flavor. Not to mention that it is full of vitamins and minerals and are terrific cures for a low appetite.

Cultivation of Dandelion

Dandelions are perennial, which means that they are capable of reproduction for two years before they require re-planting. You should not have much trouble in obtaining dandelion seeds. Early spring is the ideal time to plant dandelions.

  • Moist and rich soil would be an excellent place to plant, but it can grow in almost any soil. Well-drained and fertile soil is recommended.
  • Choose a spot where full sun is available most of the time, but partial shade works for it too.
  • Plant seeds directly in the garden. ¼ inches deep should be perfect. A single row or wide rows will be beneficial, and the seeds must be at least 8 inches apart. A fully grown dandelion can reach the height of 12 inches without trouble.
  • There is no need to water too much. Being a hardy plant in nature, dandelion are able to collect plenty of water for themselves.


Tips on Growing Dandelion

  • Within 95 days of planting, an average dandelion reaches full maturity.

Medicinal Uses of Dandelion

Dandelion is a great medicinal herb. It is known to store a versatile array of disease cures. The root, the leaves and the flower, every part of the dandelion is very useful.

Diuretic – Researches have found that dandelion proves to be a relief for urine problems. Liver and bladder problems are relieved by releasing body fluids with dandelions.

Get back your appetite – Dandelion has long been used as a way of helping people to get their appetite back. If you’ve had a long bout of sickness where you were put off eating for a while, a regular drink of dandelion coffee is something lots of people swear by to help them get their appetite back.

Digestion – Dandelion tea is a great thing for someone who has been suffering from constipation or a stomach problem. Dandelion tea cleans up the entire digestive system and provides you a way to end the discomfort.

Stings – If you are suffering from a sting from a bee or any other lightly poisoned insect, the sap of dandelion is really great for it.

Goodbye acne – If you are not a fan of your acne, dandelion is just the thing for you. Warts and calluses are cured by dandelion too.

Diabetes – It cannot yet be confirmed it dandelions are a beneficial for diabetics, but it is under research and many species have positive results on their blood sugar level.

Skin care – The sap found in the stem of the dandelion, while not very edible, is very effective against common skin problems like rashes and sunburn.

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