What Are the Active Properties of Herbs? Have you ever wondered what the active ingredients in herbs are? When we start to turn to more natural lifestyle solutions, herbs pop up in just about all areas. They can be used in cleaning products, hair and skin products and supplements. They can be used to flavor foods, aid in relaxation during massage or aromatherapy and be prescribed as an alternative medicine. Before we turn to these products to replace conventional, chemical-based ones, we can’t help but wonder,…

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What Are Herbs Anyway? Herbs are plants that are used in medicine, cuisine and aromatherapy. In the culinary industry, herbs have a more specific meaning and refer to the leafy green parts of the plant. Herbs can be dried or fresh, and they are used to flavor dishes but never act as the main ingredient. Some of the most common herbs include basil, parsley, thyme, dill and rosemary. When it comes to a broad topic like herbs, you’ll find that there are many definitions that…

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