Sage Growing and Cultivating Tips The importance of sage as a medicinal herb is apparent in its scientific name, Salvia officinalis. The word salvia was derived from salve, which means “to save” or “to heal”, and officinalis came from officina, meaning a storeroom inside a monastery where medicines and herbs were kept during ancient times. For centuries before it was classified by Linnaeus in the 1700s, the herb was extolled for purported miraculous properties. The Greeks and the Romans wrote about how it could fend…

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DIY Homemade Sage Solutions You can experience the amazing health benefits of sage without spending a lot. Making sage products from home is easy, convenient, inexpensive, and rewarding. Sage Hair Dye Did you know that you can use sage to restore your natural hair color? Yes, it will cover up the gray, and will make your hair soft and shiny as well. And all this without the harmful effects of nasty chemical hair colors. What you will need: A cup of dried sage A quart…

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